Hunter based artist.


I have had a passion for art and all things creative my whole life. From as young as I can remember my life revolved around music and art.

In my professional career I have been a piano teacher for many years. I am also a hairdresser and makeup artist and have worked in many areas such as TV, film and theater. I specialize in Special effects makeup. I have studied Fine arts at Newcastle University, completing most of the degree before family commitments halted completion.

My art style has been described as Fantasty illustration with a heavy influence from the Gothic style of art and architecture. My work is also influenced by religious concepts, the human emotion, fantasy, and anatomy. A large portion of my art is created whilst listening to music, where I find I am drawn into a world where my aural senses are stimulated and inspires my creative process.

 Artist influences

Hieronymus Bosh

Patrick Woodroffe

M.C. Escher

Albreicht Durer

Classical Music!!!


Pen, copic markers, acrylic paint, pencil and watercolour


PRINT -$80.00
Squid Aliens

Squid Aliens

Ink/Watercolour/pencil on paper

Artwork size 20x20cm. Framed black mat and black frame.

ORIGINAL- $280.00

PRINT - $60.00

Her Strength and Sorrow

Her Strength and Sorrow

Acrylic/pencil on paper

Original Artwork. Size- 21x15cm. Framed white mat and white frame.

ORIGINAL - $200.00

Land of Darkness

Ink on paper

Framed black mat and black frame.

ORIGINAL - $360.00

PRINT - $60.00

The new Universe

Ink on paper

Framed black mat and black frame

ORIGINAL - $550.00

PRINT- $70.00


Graphite pencil on paper

Original artwork size 53x68cm. Framed white mat and light wood frame.

ORIGINAL - $680.00

PRINT- $100.00

The Crossover

Pencil on paper

Original Work

Framed in black Mat and black frame 28x 26cm

Original -$200.00

Print - $60.00

Anna Elena Art


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